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For the Love Of Horses: A Gift List


samantha: the birthday girl

Today is my niece Samantha’s birthday and in her honor we are offering up a gift list for horse lovers.

I’m not bragging, (that’s a lie – I so totally am!) my fabulous niece happens to be a bit of an expert on what it means to loooove horses. So today I’m turning the blog over to Samantha who’s sharing her own love story with horses and some super cool gift ideas for the horse lover in your life.

Samantha and her horse Ruby
Samantha and Perfectly Pleasant (her friends call her ‘Ruby’)

Ask the Expert: Horses and the People Who Love Them

giftbug: How old were you when you first fell in love with horses?

Samantha: Well, when I was little (Mom says she was four) Gram and Grandad took me to the South Park pony rides and I loved them and then for Easter because she knew how much I loved horses, Nana took me to Pony Camp. 

Samantha riding her horse Ruby
Samantha and Ruby at a recent competition.

Samantha started taking riding lessons less than 2 years ago and she’s already racked up more than 32 ribbons. This summer Samantha’s family grew when her dream came true and she got her own horse, Ruby.

giftbug: What do you love most about horses?

Samantha: They’re really sweet animals and you can do a lot with them. And they’re really fun. And I love riding them.

giftbug: Which do you like better, riding western or english?

Samantha: Hmmmm…. …. ….well, I guess I like Western a little bit better because Ruby does better at it and I do it a lot more….and because of all of the sequins. 🙂

giftbug: So Samantha, do you have any ideas for people who want to give a special gift to someone who loves horses?

Samantha’s Top 6 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Horses

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who rides horses, Samantha suggests:

1. A New Halter

Web Halter: 3 Gems Tack

Available from 3 Gems Tack: Dura-Tech Cushion Web Halter

2. “Cool Brushes”

Butterfly Brush & Comb: HorseLoverZ

Available from HorseLoverZ: Butterfly Brush and Comb Collection

3. Hoof Polish

A pony pedicure!

Samantha: This is cool nail polish that comes in all kinds of great colors and it’s glittery. You can’t use if for shows though, we have a boring black polish for that.

Available from Pony Glam: Hoof Hi-Lites from Pony Glam

You don’t have to ride horses to love them, so Samantha also wanted to share some ideas for anyone smart enough to love horses.

4. Horse Action Figures or LEGOS

LEGO Friends Sunshine Ranch

Available from Amazon: LEGO Friends Sunshine Ranch

5. Cowgirl (or Cowboy) Boots

Cowgirl Boots: Rod's Western Palace

Available from Rod’s Western Palace: Macie Bean Turquoise Sinsation Boots

6. Outfits That Have Horses on Them

Horse Printed Top: Etsy

Available from Etsy: Girl’s Horse Printed Tank Top by Girl’s With a Twirl Boutique

Samantha’s Top 6 Gift Ideas for the Horses

And because we can’t forget about the horses!

1. Plain Granola Bars

Samantha: These are their favorite treats because of all of the oats in them.

2. Sugar Cubes

3. Mints

Samantha: They really love candy canes!

4. Carrots

5. Apples

6. Peppermint Nuggets

peppermint nugget horse treats: MannaPro

Available from Amazon: Manna Pro: Peppermint Flavor Nuggets for Horses

This list is definitely giftbug approved! Thank you Samantha for all of the great horse themed ideas! And check out her Mom’s giftbug registry to see how she categorizes all of the perfect gift ideas for the whole family (Ruby included!)

Margaritas and Pool Toys – A Gift List

For anyone who follows my Instagram feed, you may have noticed my recent trip to Oklahoma to do some dog sitting for my cousin Andrea and her fiance Mark. This was a team effort with my Aunt Randy and my other cousin Paula. We took very good care of the puppies – in fact we’ve been accused of spoiling them.

photo of a spoiled Tucker

Now, while we took our duties seriously, we also seriously enjoyed the backyard pool and perfecting our margarita recipe 🙂

So as I sit here back in Pittsburgh, missing my time lounging by the pool with a margarita in hand – I’m inspired to create this latest gift list. I might even share our margarita recipe with you 😉

Margaritas and Pool Toys – A Gift List

1. Bocce Splash

bocce splash pool game

If you love lawn bocce (and who doesn’t?!), you’ll love Bocce Splash. In this aquatic version of the backyard classic, the ‘jack’ or target is floating on the surface of the pool and players skip their bocce disks across the surface of the water attempting to land them on the floating target. I was admittedly pretty bad at this game, but that didn’t diminish the fun factor!

Available from Creative Kidstuff: Bocce Splash

2. Cornhole – The Pool Version

Chuck-O Splash - a pool game

Cornhole? Yes, that’s what I called it. If, like I once was, you are unfamiliar with this oft used term from the tailgating lexicon – it’s your basic bean bag toss. The pool floating version is a lot of fun – and I was pretty good at this one 🙂 It’s actually much harder than your traditional backyard or tailgating version, as the target likes to float away, especially when hit with projectile bean bags.

Available from Wayfair: Chuck-O Splash

3. Pool Jousting

Inflatable Pool Joust Set

Gladiators Ready!

I missed out on playing with this one, but it looks AWESOME 🙂 I’m making a return visit next year just so I can hit my cousin Paula in the head with an inflatable jousting stick while floating on a plastic log. Does family fun getting any better than that??

Available from Urban Outfitters: Joust Pool Game

4. Pool Darts


“The classic lawn game – now for the pool!” Based on the game of lawn darts or jarts, the darts are tossed underhand in an arching motion towards the floating target. My success at this pool game? Let’s just say that I won’t be going pro anytime soon – but it’s definitely a blast to play.

Available from Amazon: Jarts Splash

5. Margarita Drink Rimmer

Margarita drink rimmer

“Fab-u-lous!” is the word I would use to describe this little invention. Part of a margarita’s magic is that tart-salty combination of the lime juice in the margarita and a perfectly salted glass rim. This little dandy would be a welcomed addition to any margarita lover’s bar setup.

Available from Lime Tree Cove: The Barmaid Drink Rimmer

6. Margarita Glasses

margarita glasses from crate and barrel

Handcrafted, recycled and rustic, these classic margarita glasses give a new purpose to glass from recycled tequila bottles. And it doesn’t hurt that Crate and Barrel describe them as ‘generously sized’ 🙂 Time to whip up a batch of ‘ritas!

Available from Crate and Barrel: The Garcia Margarita Glass

7. The Margarita Recipe

A margarita recipe

Here it is, friends. There’s no denying that it’s a slightly unusual recipe, to begin with one of our party-goers isn’t a big tequila fan (so you could certainly swap out the vodka for more tequila). I encourage you to try it our way first, and let me know what you think!

If you saw something on this list that brings out the kid in you (the pool jousting kit, perhaps), don’t forget to update your giftbug registry. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a pool of your own but, say maybe your neighbors do, we think you’ll be more likely to get a return invite when you show up bearing fun pool toys like these!

Andy’s Day

I’m going to go ahead and speak for Andy and say this may be his new favorite day of the year; it may surpass Christmas and birthdays…even our anniversary. March 14th is a
big day friends, they (the holiday powers that be) have packed a lot of festive punch into this little Friday in March.

Let me wish you all a very happy Pi Day and a merry World Sleep Day. That’s right you adorable sweet toothed, brainy revelers, like chocolate and peanut butter, Guinnes and Harp, 0 and 1, this beautiful world of ours has transpired to give you a day to (cue echoey announcers voice) **go forth and discuss the significance of π, eat pie and then take a nap**. Talk about math, eat some delicious pie and take a nap…does it get any better?!

While Andy may not have always known that such amazing holidays existed,
with his giftbug registry friends and family are always prepared:

giftbug registry - Andy's Pi(e)
Two of Andy’s happy places.

Here are just a few more ideas to help your favorite geek/ nap aficionado celebrate today:

Start with a tease of what’s to come with a festive Pi Basket full of apples promised to soon become *the other pie*!

Greet them at the door with a nice I Bake Pi Apron. What you’re wearing (or not wearing) under it…well that’s between you and your favorite geek!

Geeks without a sweet tooth may be hard to relate to, but they deserve love too. If the Rubik’s Cube is child’s play for your Pi love, check out The Magic Cube: Mathematical 3D Puzzle.

How about a little Pi A’la Mode?

And because Science is Sexy and so is your favorite geek, check out this awesome T-shirt!

For the nap lover, take over the chores, entertain the mini minions, confiscate their cell phone and tuck them in with some new cozy lounge pants like these Doctor Who PJs
or Cat Nap PJs.

And if a nap for two is more your style, check out the Slanket Siamese, because oh yes they did make one of those blankets for two!