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Truly Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers

I’m excited that January is National Hot Tea Month! It’s the perfect time to talk about gifts for tea lovers.

I grew up drinking a lot of tea. Boston’s Original Mint Flavored Black Tea was a staple of my childhood, whether it was at home when family visited, or on Sunday’s at my grandmother’s kitchen table. And today when I head back to Lancaster for holidays, there’s nearly always a visit to my great-Aunt Honey’s apartment for a cup of tea.

Maybe all of those childhood memories and family gatherings around tea are one of the reasons it’s a favorite go-to gift today, perfect for just about any ‘thank you’, ‘congratulations’, ‘job well done’ or ‘get well soon.’ So, needless to say it was hard for me to keep this list to a manageable number, but here are just a few of my tea-riffic gifts for tea lovers 😉

9 gifts for tea lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

1. All of the Tea Puns

I’ve never met Lenny Mud (the cat, or her incredibly talented owner),  and yet I’m convinced that we would be great friends. Her tea puns are truly epic!

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Lionel Richie Teapot

Are you somewhere feeling lonely,
or is someone loving you?

Available from Etsy: Hello Lionel Richie Teapot by Lenny Mud

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Lionel Richie Tea Mug

Say you, say tea,
say it for always,
that’s the way it should be.

Available from Etsy: Say You, Say Tea Mug by Lenny Mud

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Mr. Tea Travel Mug

I pity the fool who says anything about this mug being pink!

Available from Etsy: Mr. Tea Travel Mug by Lenny Mud

2. Edible Tea Doilies

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Edible Sugar Doilies

This ain’t your grandma’s lace doily! Sweet, edible art that floats atop the perfect cup of tea.

Available from Etsy: Assortment of Edible Tea Doilies by SweetMarveLace

3. Tea Infuser

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Because the Tea-Rex pun never gets old 🙂

Available from Amazon : Tea Rex Tea Infuser

4. Matcha

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Matcha Tea

I can’t have a tea inspired gift list without including matcha. And unless you’ve been hiding under a Himalayan salt rock for the last year or so, you’ve surely heard all of the amazing benefits of drinking matcha green tea.

Available from teapigs: Matcha Green Tea

5. Tea Chest

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Tea Chest

Bridging Eastern culture with Western society, this beautiful wooden tea chest is filled with full leaved teas like Phoenix Oolong, Royal White and Dragon’s Well Green.

Available from Bird Pick Tea & Herb: Premium Tea Chest

6. Honey

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Tea Honey

The folks at the Savannah Bee Company carefully chose the perfect varietal honey so it’s just the right sweetener in fine tea without overwhelming the tea’s delicate flavors and fragrances.

Available from the Savannah Bee Company: Honey for Your Tea

7. The Truth in the Tea

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Tea Leaves Book

Enjoying a great cup of tea doesn’t have to end with the last drop of earthy goodness. Find out the secret behind the leaves. Learn the art of tasseography and read the tea leaves with this illustrated guide.

Available from Amazon: The Cup of Destiny

8. A Travel Pack

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Tea Travel Kit

Have tea, will travel. This gorgeous kit contains everything you need to brew tea wherever you go. Each kit comes with 12 servings of tea, 10 honey sticks, a spoon, paper strainers and this easy to pack satchel that they will want to restock again and again. This is one I’ll be gifting for sure!

Available from Thistle Farms: Tea Kit

9. Jam and Clotted Cream

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Raspberry Jam

What is tea? Well I think Maria said it best; tea is… a drink with jam and breaaaad.” And the folks at Eat This had me with their all-natural, sustainable, locally-sourced jam packaged in fabulous Weck canning jars. And when I saw raspberry + chambord, well let’s just say that faaaaa, is the long, long way I’d run to get to their jam (and luckily I don’t have to since they ship it.) Yeah, some days I just love my job a little too much! 🙂

Available from Eat This: Raspberry and Chambord Preserve

Gifts for Tea Lovers: Clotted Cream

Clotted Cream may sound like some gross vampire delight, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually what angels eat. It’s sometimes described as ‘something between the two greatest of dairy products: whipped cream and butter‘ and it’s the key to a true English tea experience (along with sticking out your pinky.)

Available from British Corner Shop: Cottage Delight Clotted Cream