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Lucky Number Three


My friend and sister-in-law is just weeks away from delivering baby #3. I’m impressed by her and my brother-in-law’s courage in the face of being outnumbered by the mini-humans. I can’t blame them for going for the hat-trick though, the first two are certainly super adorable and endlessly entertaining.

This is the third time they are holding out for the game day gender surprise. And while my niece and nephew continue the little brother vs. little sister debate, preparations progress for the arrival of the newest Miller.

The crib is set up and the car seats are dusted off. The changing table and boppy pillow, high chair and ‘My Aunt is the coolest’ onesie are all pulled from storage and being prepped for their third call to service.

In our family like many others, it’s not uncommon to forgo a baby shower for younger siblings, and yet friends, family and co-workers may still be looking for ideas to
honor and celebrate this little achievement to you know, grow a human being (I can’t manage to water my houseplants.)

With a giftbug registry like Ann Marie’s we can get lots of great ideas:

To surprise and excite Mom

giftbug wish list to excite Mom

To trim the honey-do list

giftbug wish list - the honeydo list

To replace misplaced or well-loved items from the first go-round(s)

giftbug wish list - replace loved items

Cool tricks and gadgets popularized since the last mini-me arrived

giftbug wish list - cool gadgets


We’re More Than Just Holidays

Giftbug was 4 months old yesterday! Those 4 months have flown by in a blur and here
we are flying head first into the Christmas holiday season. And in the coming weeks we will continue to send you tips and ideas for using giftbug to the fullest for your family’s holiday gift giving.

While the Christmas carols have been piped into our malls for weeks now and the holiday lights begin to make an appearance on lamp posts, we still have an important holiday before the Christmas season is  officially in full swing. I’m certainly counting down the days until Mom’s filling (aka “stuffing”) hits the table!

And it’s in the spirit of Thanksgiving that I’m really excited to use our powers for good – the greater good and introduce you to a way to take giftbug beyond personal gift registries and share it with some of the amazing charities providing a hand up to our neighbors, our
military and our 4 legged friends, just to name a few.

Passion took over and we got a little carried away with examples!
Passion took over and we got a little carried away with examples!

Check out our sample registries on giftbug.co

There are so many things that I love about giftbug, and they translate to a powerful tool for charities:

1. You can link to any item on any website and you aren’t just limited to shop in one location

A 6-pack of soup from Amazon for a food pantry, apparel from Dick’s Sporting Goods for a soldier’s care package, a blender from Bed Bath & Beyond for a Women’s Shelter.

2. You can actually link to ANY web page; to an existing wish list on another website like Amazon or Barnes and Noble or directly to a cash donation link on your charity’s website.


I mean SERIOUSLY who can resist making a donation with that face?! (And yes, this was an excuse to show you the cutest photo of Bella ever.)

3. You aren’t limited to just web links. You can upload personal pictures and type in information about a gift (ex: request for homemade items, gently used items, etc)

The first 2 examples above show how you can use the links to add personal pictures and information about the charity or the gift registry. The 3rd picture is a gratuitous excuse to show a super cute picture of Bug but also a great example of using a personal picture and then writing a description of your charities need (in this case toys for the dogs at an animal shelter or rescue).

4. You can create your own categories to customize your gift registry to your organizations individual needs.

5. With our description field you can enter information that tells a story about who will use the items, why they are needed or just specific information about sizes, colors, etc.


6. The I want this too! button means that patrons of a charity can add the requested items to their personal gift registries and let friends and family know how they can help the charity.

7. Giftbug is easy to use and that means charities can easily update their giftbug registry to keep their wish lists current.

8. Impulse buying for the greater good! The ability to purchase an item online and have it sent directly to a charity means I can do it right now and I don’t have to wait until I have time to go out and pick up the items and drop them off at a location.

I hope you’ll check out our sample registries on giftbug.co and share the information with the charities that you support. Sample-Animal Rescue Organization has the most detailed examples. We are a small, dedicated and passionate team, so any questions can be directed to me personally shannon@giftbug.co