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Purr-fect Gifts For the Cat

I’ve been cat-shamed by a 4-legged friend named Gadget. He was our border for a few months while his Mom was getting set up out of state. Now he’s not speaking to me. He heard that I referred to myself as a ‘dog person’. I’m learning that cats are not easy to apologize to, they make you work for it. I’ve come up with 8 gifts that just might be worthy of an apology, a celebration or just keeping yourself in their good graces.

8 Purr-fect Gifts For the Cat

1. DJ Kitty Scratch

DJ Cat Scratching Pad from UncommonGoods

This dj cat scratching pad is so awesome, I feel like maybe I should just drop the mic here. Boom.

Available from UncommonGoods: DJ Cat Scratching Pad

2. Whack’a Mouse


Warning: he won’t want to quit until he earns enough tickets for that feather on a stick.

Available from Amazon: Whack A Mouse Learning Cat Toy

3. Cat Hammock

Cat Crib

Dahling, bring me a mojito and hold my calls.

Available from CatCrib’s website: The Cat Crib

4. Sphere Cat Tower

Sphere Cat Tower

She’ll enjoy the view of her kingdom and all her subjects. You’ll enjoy a piece of cat furniture that looks good in your living room.

Available from Hayneedle: Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower

5. Cat Scratch Lounger

Cat Scratch Lounger from Amazon

A modern, sleek design made of durable, recycled, corrugated cardboard. Winner of an Eco-Excellence Award.

Available from Amazon: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

6. Catnip Toy

catnip toy bird from EtsyA sweet little bird handmade from upcycled wool (or wool blend) sweaters and stuffed with eco-fiber and certified organic catnip. I kind of want one for my desk, but I don’t need the catnip distraction.

Available from Etsy: Birds of a Sweater Catnip Toy from Three Sassy Sisters

7. Ball Chaser

Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher from Amazon

Ever feel like you’re just going in circles? Sounds like fun doesn’t it?!

Available from Amazon: Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher

8. Laser Pointer

FroliCat BOLT Laser Pointer

Our dogs couldn’t be bothered with a laser pointer, but my buddy Gadget sure loved it. This one can be set to a 15 minute auto timer for when you have to leave the house or  actually get some work done. Lightweight and handheld it also works like a standard laser pointer for hours of family fun.

Available from Petco: FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy