Monthly Archives: June 2016

Gift of the Day: Badminton Set

With the Wimbledon Championships underway and a holiday weekend on the horizon here in the U.S., it seems like the perfect time to indulge in my love of lawn games. I don’t know if my deep-seated love of lawn games stems from the thoughts of sunshine and lush grass on a beautiful summer day…or more likely, in my fantasy of living in the pages of a Jane Austen novel. Either way, whether it’s bocce ball, lawn darts, croquet or cornhole, give me a call and I’ll bring the Shandy.


But there is one lawn game that I love above all others, and my friends that game is named Badminton. And THIS badminton set from  Crate and Barrel, well this is just one fancy-pants, beautiful badminton set. Even the shuttlecocks are made with real feathers! I’ve only ever played with the plastic ones, and I’m quite certain that with these beautiful feather versions, well my game would be unstoppable.

I feel like if I owned this set, I would simply HAVE to require all of my friends to wear white attire when playing on my court where I would serve them delicious Pimm’s Cup cocktails between sets.

**Yep, it’s definitely the Jane Austen thing.