The Almost Golden Anniversary Card

I have had several people ask me to provide an update to last year’s blog post about The Hardest Working Anniversary Card, a card that my family has been sending back-and-forth, unsigned, for over forty years. I’ve been trying to write this post for days and it has been a hard one to write. I thought the first story about the anniversary card was hard, but I have shed buckets of tears over this one.

It’s surprising – and yet not – that with all of the gift lists and gift suggestions that I’ve written, it was the post about The Hardest Working Anniversary Card that was my most popular. To this day, April 1, 2015 still sits on my WordPress dashboard as my Best Views Ever. I think I’ll almost be sad to see it surpassed, it makes me smile every time I see it and I’m thankful that so many people got to read about something so precious to me.

Anniversary Card

I didn’t mention it in the original post, but my family knew then that 2015 was going to be the last year that this well loved anniversary card celebrated my Aunt and Uncle’s anniversary **crying again** as my Uncle was losing his hard fought battle with cancer.

On that day last spring, when I posted the original story,  Aunt Janet and Uncle Richard celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary as they had many times before. Flowers and cards were delivered, phone calls were received and that one very special, and still very unsigned anniversary card arrived, wrapped securely in plastic and so much love.

The Hardest Working Anniversary Card is Retired

Last month, on March 7th, my parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary and a beloved anniversary card was passed along one final time.

Anniversary Card: framed

Still in it’s original plastic sleeve, my Aunt Janet lovingly placed her anniversary card in a pretty double-sided frame and mailed it off to her sister-in-law one final time.

Anniversary Card: framed with photo

Tucked inside, next to the anniversary message shared nearly 90 times, was a photo of that young soldier who in 1971 purchased the card for only a quarter.

I remember talking with some of my Aunts years ago about how we would celebrate once this card made it through 50 years of anniversary celebrations – a golden anniversary card. What a great story this would be to share with the world! The card didn’t quite make it to 50 years and 100 anniversary celebrations, you never know what life has in store. I’m certain though, that this card has witnessed more love than any other single card has been lucky enough to share.

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