Gardening Gift Ideas Are Blooming

Gardening Gift Ideas

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Spring is here and it has me thinking about the perfect gardening gift ideas. I myself have what they call a black thumb, if I’m not forgetting to water my plants, then I’m over-watering them. But I do have many loved ones with very green thumbs. I’m in awe of their beautiful gardens and often enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labors. They were my inspiration, I wrote this list thinking about gifts that they would love and that I would really enjoy gifting to them. From very special garden teas and seed bon bons to high quality tools, there is something on this list for every gardener and every occasion.

16 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

1. Harvest Basket

gardening gift ideas: harvest basketA-tisket a-tasket a sturdy harvest basket. This stylish, utilitarian basket reflects the very best of Maine’s long tradition of functional art and craftsmanship.

Available from Maine Garden Products: Pike’s Original Maine Garden Hod

2. Farmer’s Toolbelt

gardening gift ideas: farmers-toolbeltThis handmade leather tool belt was custom designed for the florists at Floret. They love it’s utility and design so much that they are making it available on their website.

Available from Floret: Brown Leather Farmer-Florist Toolbelt

3. Gloves For a Green Thumb

gardening gift ideas: gardener glovesLightweight and durable these colorful gloves keep hands dry, clean and safe from thorns.

Available from Gardener’s Supply Company: Nitrile Gloves

4. Soil Scoop

gardening gift ideas: soil-scoopI love this tool’s leaf shaped scoop. It has a solid birch handle with a stainless steel soil scoop and serrated edges for excavating dense, root-filled soil.

Available from UncommonGoods: Birch Handle Classic Soil Scoop

5. English Gardening Tool

gardening gift ideas: Wood-Garden-Dibber-Row-Marker-SetThis nifty tool seems to be much more common in an English tool shed than on this side of the pond. It’s so clever and functional, surely any gardener would love this timeless tool. It’s designed to ensure planting seeds in straight lines and at a consistent soil depth.

Available from Scoutmob: Wood Garden Dibber & Row Marker Set

6. Heavy Duty Soap

gardening gift ideas: gardeners_soapDesigned to get the grimiest gardening hands clean with bits of pumice and coffee grounds for scrubbing power. Rich moisturizing properties for hardworking hands with coconut and olive oils included in the all natural ingredients.

Available from Irish Twins Soap Company: Gardener’s Rustic Handmade Soap

7. Waxed Canvas Tote

gardening gift ideas: Garden-ToteWaxed canvas gives this tote heavy duty construction that’s water resistant. A multitude of pockets keep tools organized and at easy reach. The stunning craftsmanship and design means it also works great for quick grocery store runs or even as a diaper bag 🙂

Available from Frost River: Crosby Garden Tote

8. Hardcore Tool

gardening gift ideas: weeding-toolHeirloom quality garden tools, handmade in Holland with a lifetime guarantee. This is a hardcore weeding tool that gets the job done and will keep getting the job done season after season.

Available from Garden Tool Company: Hand Cultivator by Sneedboer

9. Framed Print

gardening gift ideas: print“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Avid gardeners and artists, Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera turn drawings from their personal sketchbooks into custom prints like this potted jade cutting paired with a lovely gardening quote.

Available from Etsy: Audrey Hepburn Quote Print by An Open Sketchbook Design Studio

10. Bird House

gardening gift ideas: birdhouseA unique birdhouse or bird feeder is a wonderful gift for a gardener. I love this handmade birdhouse crafted from vintage yardsticks and tart tins!

Available from Etsy: Yardstick Birdhouse by Junk Whisperers

11. Florist’s Knife

gardening gift ideas: florist-knifeThe #1 item for anyone harvesting fresh flowers from their garden.  Trust me on this one, thanks to having a professional florist for a mother-in-law, I am a converted scissors-abuser when it comes to arranging fresh flowers.

Scissors crush the end of the flower and they can’t drink water efficiently. A nice clean cut with a florist knife makes for happy flowers!

Available from Amazon: Victorinox Florist Grafting Knife

12. Kneepads

gardening gift ideas: kneepadsComfortable knee pads that stay in place and most importantly don’t cut off your circulation!

Washable, waterproof and durable.

Available from Wildflower Seed & Tool Company: Kneelon Knee Pads

13. Plantable Pencils

gardening gift ideas: pencilsI knew pencils were an important part of a gardener’s toolkit, but who knew they had this many uses?!

These pencils are doubly perfect for any gardener because the sustainably harvested cedar wood body also holds a water activated seed capsule. Once it’s served it’s purpose as a pencil and has been sharpened down to a stub, this pencil gets new life in their herb garden.

Available from Amazon: Sprout Pencils

14. Seed Bombs

gardening gift ideas: seed-bonbonsThe perfect treat for any gardener! These gourmet seed bombs look like chocolate delights, but they are for planting, not eating. So bonus, calorie free! 🙂

Each handmade seed bon bon includes clay, organic compost and seeds. Boxed treat varieties include: italian herbs, edible flowers, cocktail garnishes, herbal teas and more.

Available from Etsy: Garden Bon Bons from Moulton Gifts for the Garden

15. Authentic Manure Tea

gardening gift ideas: manure-teaPremium soil conditioner teas bring the power of manure without having to handle that stinky goodness. To brew Authentic Haven Brand “Moo Poo Tea”, steep the bag in a bucket of water and let it brew in the sun for 1-3 days. Not your Momma’s sun tea!

Available from The Manure Tea Shop: Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Tea

16. Gardener’s Apron

gardening gift ideas: apronA handmade100% heavy duty linen utility apron with double pockets for extra storage. Available in 7 fabrics with optional monogramming.

Available from Etsy: Linen Utility Apron by BicoEstonia

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