Read All About It: Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

I was telling Andy over the weekend that I really needed to ‘just get lost in a book.’ And so I did. Every free minute that I had over the weekend, my nose was back in my book. It was an amazing vacation without ever leaving my house. That of course got me thinking about all things books and my fellow book lovers, so you guessed it, a gift list inspired by and especially for book lovers.

Check out these gifts for the bibliophile in your life (get it, it’s a library themed list…”check it out”  😉 )

10 Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

1. Personalized Library Embosser

Personalized Library Embosser

I have a few books sitting in my home office that were lovingly loaned to me by friends…I’m just not sure which friends. Whenever I figure out who they belong to, this would be a perfect gift for them – to guard against friends like me 🙂

It’s not a homing beacon, but it’s possibly the next best thing in ensuring their well-loved books are returned.

Available from Horchow: Library Emobsser

2. Library Card Tote Bag

Library Card Tote Bag

The perfect tote for…well, toting their library books around.

Available from UncommonGoods: Library Card Tote Bag

3. Library Scented Candle

Library Scented Candle

The next best thing to sitting in a library – bringing the scent of the library to you. The smell of old pages, polished hardwood floors and leather bound books.

Available from The British Library: Birch & Brook Library Scented Candle

4. Cat Bookends

Cat Bookends

I admit it, I’m a dog person, but these are purr-fect (yep, I went there) for any book lover’s shelves.

Available from Etsy: Bookends by Glozis

5. Coffee Mug

Library Mug: I Like Big Books

On the heels of my bacon lover gift list and the “I like pig butts’ t-shirt, I found this mug. I definitely have questionable humor, but this mug is still super clever 🙂

Available from Etsy: Library Mug by vitamina eu

6. T-shirt

T-shirt: Talk Dewey to Me

I’m crying over here, this shit cracks me up 🙂 Geek humor, is there anything better??

Available from I Love Apparel: Talk Dewey To Me T-shirt

7. MacBook Cover

BookBook MacBook cover

“A most novel idea in MacBook protection.” This handmade, genuine leather case offers protection, class and personality when toting a laptop to meetings.

Available from Amazon: TwelveSouth’s BookBook for MacBook

8. Scarf

Library Card Scarf

I love that at first glance this just looks like a classy patterned scarf. Once the admirer takes a closer look, they will certainly be asking where they can get that scarf!

Available from Etsy: Cyberoptix’s Library Scarf

9. Home Library Kit

Personal Library Kit

Another charming idea for sharing your beloved books and guaranteeing their return.

Available from ModCloth: Personal Library Kit

10. iPhone Case

Library Card iPhone Case

Bookworms unite and customize your mobile phone with this nostalgic library card look.

Available from Etsy: Library Card Phone Case by Caribou Creek Cases

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    1. Haha Aunt Randy! If I get your name in the family Christmas exchange I’m so getting you the ‘Talk Dewey to Me’ Tshirt 🙂

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