For the Love Of Horses: A Gift List


samantha: the birthday girl

Today is my niece Samantha’s birthday and in her honor we are offering up a gift list for horse lovers.

I’m not bragging, (that’s a lie – I so totally am!) my fabulous niece happens to be a bit of an expert on what it means to loooove horses. So today I’m turning the blog over to Samantha who’s sharing her own love story with horses and some super cool gift ideas for the horse lover in your life.

Samantha and her horse Ruby
Samantha and Perfectly Pleasant (her friends call her ‘Ruby’)

Ask the Expert: Horses and the People Who Love Them

giftbug: How old were you when you first fell in love with horses?

Samantha: Well, when I was little (Mom says she was four) Gram and Grandad took me to the South Park pony rides and I loved them and then for Easter because she knew how much I loved horses, Nana took me to Pony Camp. 

Samantha riding her horse Ruby
Samantha and Ruby at a recent competition.

Samantha started taking riding lessons less than 2 years ago and she’s already racked up more than 32 ribbons. This summer Samantha’s family grew when her dream came true and she got her own horse, Ruby.

giftbug: What do you love most about horses?

Samantha: They’re really sweet animals and you can do a lot with them. And they’re really fun. And I love riding them.

giftbug: Which do you like better, riding western or english?

Samantha: Hmmmm…. …. ….well, I guess I like Western a little bit better because Ruby does better at it and I do it a lot more….and because of all of the sequins. 🙂

giftbug: So Samantha, do you have any ideas for people who want to give a special gift to someone who loves horses?

Samantha’s Top 6 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Horses

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who rides horses, Samantha suggests:

1. A New Halter

Web Halter: 3 Gems Tack

Available from 3 Gems Tack: Dura-Tech Cushion Web Halter

2. “Cool Brushes”

Butterfly Brush & Comb: HorseLoverZ

Available from HorseLoverZ: Butterfly Brush and Comb Collection

3. Hoof Polish

A pony pedicure!

Samantha: This is cool nail polish that comes in all kinds of great colors and it’s glittery. You can’t use if for shows though, we have a boring black polish for that.

Available from Pony Glam: Hoof Hi-Lites from Pony Glam

You don’t have to ride horses to love them, so Samantha also wanted to share some ideas for anyone smart enough to love horses.

4. Horse Action Figures or LEGOS

LEGO Friends Sunshine Ranch

Available from Amazon: LEGO Friends Sunshine Ranch

5. Cowgirl (or Cowboy) Boots

Cowgirl Boots: Rod's Western Palace

Available from Rod’s Western Palace: Macie Bean Turquoise Sinsation Boots

6. Outfits That Have Horses on Them

Horse Printed Top: Etsy

Available from Etsy: Girl’s Horse Printed Tank Top by Girl’s With a Twirl Boutique

Samantha’s Top 6 Gift Ideas for the Horses

And because we can’t forget about the horses!

1. Plain Granola Bars

Samantha: These are their favorite treats because of all of the oats in them.

2. Sugar Cubes

3. Mints

Samantha: They really love candy canes!

4. Carrots

5. Apples

6. Peppermint Nuggets

peppermint nugget horse treats: MannaPro

Available from Amazon: Manna Pro: Peppermint Flavor Nuggets for Horses

This list is definitely giftbug approved! Thank you Samantha for all of the great horse themed ideas! And check out her Mom’s giftbug registry to see how she categorizes all of the perfect gift ideas for the whole family (Ruby included!)

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