Gift Guide For The Bacon Lover

September 5th is International Bacon Day. One of the best smelling holidays of the year – I mean, are there many things that smell better than bacon cooking?? 🙂

And most of us love bacon (I think even vegetarians love bacon, they just have great restraint.) And so for the people who love bacon and the people we all know who loooooove bacon, a gift guide for the bacon lover.

Bacon makes everything better

9 Gift Ideas For the Bacon Lover In Your Life

*because 8 ideas just wasn’t enough

1. “B is for Bacon” Onesie

Onesie: B is for Bacon

If  “A is for Apple”, I think on balance it’s okay if “B is for Bacon.” Start ’em young with this onesie.

Available from Zulily: ‘B is for Bacon’ Bodysuit – Infant

2. Outlaw Soaps: Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Set

Outlaw Soaps

For those who can’t stand to be away from their bacon, we bring you bacon that you can take in the shower. It looks like bacon, it smells like bacon, but it tastes nothing like bacon. So don’t eat the soap! These handmade bars do not actually contain any meat. They are in fact vegan (but maybe don’t tell the bacon lover that part.) These soaps will leave the skin silky smooth and dare we say, “bacony-delicious and kissable.”

Available from ThinkGeek: Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Soap

3. T-shirt: Love, Peace & Bacon Grease

Tshirt: Love, Peace & Bacon Grease

For those who want to wear their love of bacon proudly on their chest.

Available from Etsy: Love, Peace & Bacon Grease T-shirt

4. Maple Bacon Morning Coffee

Maple Bacon Coffee

Caffeinated bacon. A medium roast, maple bacon flavored coffee, made with Direct Trade beans from Nicaragua.

Available from Boca Java: Maple Bacon Morning Coffee

5. Cast Iron Bacon Press

Williams Sonoma Bacon Press

Adorable and functional…and heavy enough to even be a weapon if someone’s trying to steal your bacon.

Available from Williams-Sonoma: Cast-Iron Bacon Press

6. Bacon Bouquet

Our Best Bites blog: Rose Bouquet DIY

The world would be one step closer to perfection if bacon roses grew in the ground (heck, I might even garden.) But luckily the world gave us blogs like Our Best Bites to create easy step-by-step instructions for creating this bouquet of meaty love.
*Some (and by some, I mean all) assembly required*

DIY Instructions Available from Our Best Bites: How to Make a Bacon Bouquet

7. Bacon Infused Vodka

Bacon Vodka Bloody Mary Recipe

Their tagline pretty much says it all: Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.

*Click on the image for a larger view of their Bloody Mary recipe*

Bakon Vodka is available from many local distributors, or can be purchased via mail-order from select distributors. Click here for for information.

8. Cookbook: 101 Things To Do With Bacon

Cookbook: 101 Things to Do With Bacon

With recipes like Bacon Reubens, Skillet Bacon Cornbread, Crispy Bacon Fried Rice, Maple Bacon Drumsticks and Chocolate-Glazed Bacon Brownies you will always have options (approximately 101 of them) to celebrate your bacon lover.
*Also recommended for getting out of the doghouse.

Available from Amazon: 101 Things To Do With Bacon

9. T-shirt: I Like Pig Butts

Tshirt: I Like Pig Butts

Yes, I know. I KNOW. I know bacon doesn’t exactly come from the butt of the pig (thank you Good Eats for all of those chalkboard diagrams.) But(t), I’ll bet you a dollar that your bacon lover will love this shirt.

Available from Etsy: I Like Pig Butts T-shirt

Let us know about any favorite bacon gifts that didn’t make our list and don’t forget to update your giftbug registry with all of this bacon-y goodness.


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