Every Dog Deserves Their Day

Happy National Dog Day!

This is the 11th year (or 77 years to our pooches) celebrating National Dog Day, a holiday created to honor some of the greatest members of any family. It also shines a spotlight on the rewards of rescuing a loyal friend who will shower you with unconditional love. Pet rescue is a cause near and dear to my heart (and how Bug and Bella came into our lives), I hope you’ll consider adoption if you are looking to add a 4-legged prince or princess to your home.

Cue the Sara McLachan SPCA commercial and the kleenex.

Celebrate your dog today with a little extra love and treats. Let’s see if Bella has any thoughts on how she would like to celebrate…

Bella, what’s your favorite treat?

Bella likes treats

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Bella likes naps

What suggestions do you have for celebrating National Dog Day?

Bella celebrates National Dog Day

She’s admittedly a girl of few words, so you can find more suggestions from Bella on my giftbug registry where I created a category just for her. And check out Unique Dog Toys – A Gift List, a previous blog post put together with our friends at Petagogy.

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