My Summer Story 2014

Did anyone take the 21 Day Summer Challenge and squeeze in a few more summery experiences?

The summer countdown continues. 6 days until Fall officially arrives. I can feel it’s approach here in Pittsburgh where the air is getting crisper, the temperature cooler and sunset is arriving earlier and earlier.

My calendar insists that I say goodbye to the Summer of 2014 and so I’m reflecting back on my experiences and what a gift they’ve been.

cape cod beach landscape photo

I’m titling my summer story 2014:

The Gift of Time With Friends

A friend and I conquered our first destination half marathon.

Photo of Shannon and Lori after their half marathon

I found a gem in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania with a bed and breakfast on a working horse farm. Not only was it beautiful and relaxing, I also got to spend a weekend hiking and enjoying great food and drink with this hot guy.

Shannon and Andy in Laurel Highlands

And there were those summer evenings spent with great friends and some of my favorite bands.

Concert photo

There were many more pages to my summer story including time with family, the gift of a new niece, walks in the park and a few cold beers on hot afternoons.

What’s your summer’s story?

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The Gift of More Stories

And if your summer flew by like mine did, maybe you ran out of time for all of the experiences that you planned. Well don’t abandon those ‘not yet experiences’! If we fit them all in, what would we have to dream about? 🙂

We designed giftbug with your stories in mind. Tell your friends about them! What better way for them to celebrate you, thank you or just make you smile then by knowing about your list of ‘not yet experiences’?!

Check out my giftbug registry where I’ve created categories like The Gift of Time With Friends and Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do.

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