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For the past few months I’ve been sharing sample gift registries with you on It’s been a great way to illustrate the flexibility and personalization of a giftbug registry – and it was fun to spend time imagining how some of my favorite TV characters like Chuck Bartowski and Lily Adrin might use giftbug.

Today, I’m excited to introduce the first in a new series of sample gift registries from some of our real giftbug users. They’re talking to us about their favorite gifting memories and opening up their giftbug registries to you – sharing inspiration, ideas and examples of how much fun you can have with giftbug.

When I decided to create this interview series, a few names immediately came to mind of people that I would definitely ask to participate. There was one name that I KNEW I wanted to be my first interview.

Pittsburgh Adventures + Home Sweet Home

giftbug profile photo: Britt ReintsSample giftbug registry: Britt Reints

My friend Britt Reints is a happiness expert (what a job title!) I’d say that makes her the perfect person to talk to about happiness – and sharing what makes us happy through our giftbug registries.

Britt is an expert on her own happiness, and her life’s passion is to help others become experts on their own happiness. Check out her TEDx talk on Creating Your Owner’s Manual for a Happy Life.

Britt is one of my favorite people, and I love her personal style, so let’s get right to it and talk happiness and gift ideas.

1. What makes you happy?

I’ve boiled it down to three things that, right now, make me happy:

  • Connection
  • Creating
  • Being outside

It’s really too bad that third one doesn’t start with a C. 😉

2. Tell us a little about how you set up your giftbug registry and how it shares opportunities to gift you pieces of what makes you happy.

My very favorite thing about my giftbug registry is my “things to do in Pittsburgh” board. My family is fairly new to the city – and our extended family lives hours away and has no idea what kinds of things we’d like to do. This is a chance for me to:

a) keep track of the things I want to do, and

b) give my family ideas for gift cards and things to do with us when they come visit.

We purposely live in a small space, so experiences are much more valuable to me than most stuff.

That being said, if people are going to buy me stuff, I’d like it to be something I’ll actually love and cherish and not something I’ll feel guilty about storing or giving away. That’s also one of the reasons I made a list of the places I shop, so if someone wants to send me a gift card it will be for a place I actually enjoy being in.

I’ve also set up a couple of boards to keep track of ideas for my kids, because honestly those are the people for whom I get the most email questions about gifts. 🙂

3. What is one of your favorite gift memories or a favorite gift that you received?

Actually, my favorite gift memory is when the kids and I gave my husband a Wii for his birthday. It was when the Wii first came out and we drove all over town tracking one down, and the kids were SO excited by the hunt and the score! Watching the kids get so into finding a gift for their dad is a memory I’ll always cherish.

4. What’s your best gifting win (a time you got it so right you were almost as excited to give the gift as they were to open it)?

A couple years ago I knitted my mom a beautiful infinity scarf. It was the first thing I’d ever knitted and I was so excited by how it turned out and I KNEW she was going to love it. She did. 🙂

5. Wrapping paper or gift bag?

Actually, we’re big fans of paper bags, newspaper, or reusing fabric in our house. I hate the idea of using paper – or even a bag – that is only used once to cover a gift before it’s tossed into the trash.

I’m pretty sure our extended family thinks I’m a crazy hippie. One year a friend of my daughter’s offered to bring us wrapping paper from his house after he saw our newspaper-wrapped gifts under the tree. lol

6. Where can we find you online? – and from there you can find all my InstaTweeterBook links and what-not.

*And of course don’t forget to check out Britt’s giftbug registry!

Leave a comment and let us know:

Has Britt inspired you? What are some favorite hometown experiences that you can add to your giftbug registry?

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