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Celebrate Social Media Day

Mashable's Social Media Day

Monday, June 30th is Social Media Day and the perfect time to celebrate the connections we are creating through our favorite social media channels.

Here are a few suggestions to celebrate with friends near and far:

1. Attend a Mashable #SMDay Meetup

Nearly two thousand communities from Sydney to Barcelona and Tel-Aviv to San Jose are hosting local Mashable Meetups events that include networking, guest speakers and face-to-face socializing.

Find a local Meetup

2. Participate in a TweetChat


A twitter chat can be a great way to meet and interact with people who share your interests. You can search the TweetChat calendar by topic or date.

Read more about how to participate in a TweetChat

3. Host Your Own SMDay Dinner

Gather together the local connections formed through social media and grown into friendships. Fire up the bbq or head out and support one of your favorite local restaurants. Don’t forget to post your SMDay selfie!

4. Hangout on Google+

Celebrate technology and social media’s contribution to our friendships. Distance is no longer a hurdle in staying connected with friends across town or across the globe.

Get together over chat, video or voice with Google+ hangouts

5. Get Connected to giftbug

We can’t pass up this opportunity to celebrate how our social media channels help us stay connected to you! Visit our contact page to Follow  Like and Connect to giftbug.






Grown-up Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is just a week away. And if you’re like me, it’s been more than a few years since you could get away with a nice macaroni necklace or your cute face emblazoned on the side of a coffee mug. So what to get Dad when you’re a grown-up? We’ve got you covered with these great ideas for Father’s Day gifts from adult kids.


5 Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts from Adult Kids

1.  A Hulu Plus Gift Subscription

huluCatch Dad up on all of the great shows that you’ve loved over the years. Now that he has all of this free time and no more karate tournaments or soccer matches filling his evenings – he can get sucked into the addictive world of JJ Abrams’ Lost.

The Perfect Gift for TV Lovers – a Hulu Plus gift subscription

2.  The Good Liquor

Cocktail Recipe - Old Fashioned

Does your Dad have a favorite cocktail? Introduce him to a local distiller of his signature spirit. Small batch distilleries are popping up in cities of all sizes. In Pittsburgh, hometown of giftbug, we have a number of talented artisans brewing their local spirits:


Maggie’s Farm Rum – a great summer mojito
Boyd & Blair Vodka – shaken not stirred for a classic martini
Wiggle Whiskey – the perfect start for my Dad’s fave – the Old Fashioned

3.  Indestructible Work Pants

Duluth Trading Co. - Firehose Work Pants

It seems every time I call home (and my folks will say that’s not often enough), my Dad’s outside working on something. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, changing the oil in one of his toys or fixing something that leaks or creaks, there’s always something to keep him busy and dirty.

This Father’s Day, buy your Dad the last pair of work pants he’ll ever need. Field tested and heroically tough – apparently tougher than an angry beaver.

4.  Grown Up Adventures

If Dad’s the adventurous type, how about surprising him with something unexpected!



5.  Adult Humor

Comedian Don Barnhart Did your dad endure endless knock-knock jokes and hours of G-rated movies? Repay his restraint with tickets to a local comedy club or improv.



Of course, if all else fails, you can always pick up another tie.

Do your parents have just as hard a time picking out gifts for you as you do for them? Make it fun again (for everyone) and create your own gift bug registry.