Monthly Archives: March 2014

Andy’s Day

I’m going to go ahead and speak for Andy and say this may be his new favorite day of the year; it may surpass Christmas and birthdays…even our anniversary. March 14th is a
big day friends, they (the holiday powers that be) have packed a lot of festive punch into this little Friday in March.

Let me wish you all a very happy Pi Day and a merry World Sleep Day. That’s right you adorable sweet toothed, brainy revelers, like chocolate and peanut butter, Guinnes and Harp, 0 and 1, this beautiful world of ours has transpired to give you a day to (cue echoey announcers voice) **go forth and discuss the significance of π, eat pie and then take a nap**. Talk about math, eat some delicious pie and take a nap…does it get any better?!

While Andy may not have always known that such amazing holidays existed,
with his giftbug registry friends and family are always prepared:

giftbug registry - Andy's Pi(e)
Two of Andy’s happy places.

Here are just a few more ideas to help your favorite geek/ nap aficionado celebrate today:

Start with a tease of what’s to come with a festive Pi Basket full of apples promised to soon become *the other pie*!

Greet them at the door with a nice I Bake Pi Apron. What you’re wearing (or not wearing) under it…well that’s between you and your favorite geek!

Geeks without a sweet tooth may be hard to relate to, but they deserve love too. If the Rubik’s Cube is child’s play for your Pi love, check out The Magic Cube: Mathematical 3D Puzzle.

How about a little Pi A’la Mode?

And because Science is Sexy and so is your favorite geek, check out this awesome T-shirt!

For the nap lover, take over the chores, entertain the mini minions, confiscate their cell phone and tuck them in with some new cozy lounge pants like these Doctor Who PJs
or Cat Nap PJs.

And if a nap for two is more your style, check out the Slanket Siamese, because oh yes they did make one of those blankets for two!