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Christmas Success Stories

Raise your hand if your Christmas tree is still up. ( this girl! ) Yes, yes, I’m sure some of you just read that with shock and horror. It’s not all procrastination, I still love turning on the lights at night and it’s not like the Cadbury egg commercials have started yet on tv…

So as we slowly transition out of the Christmas holidays here at Casa de Miller/ giftbug HQ, let us take a moment to thank all of you that incorporated giftbug into your Christmas holiday. We really appreciate all of the great feedback that we’ve been getting and hearing your stories and testimonials about how giftbug enhanced your holidays. THAT was the best gift we received all year!

Here is some of what we have heard from our early adopters:

* “This giftbug thing really works! I got exactly what I wanted!”
* “Giftbug made my Christmas shopping so easy.”
* “I bought all of my sister’s Christmas presents from her giftbug.”
* “I loved using Giftbug for the holidays!!!!” (and we love all the exclamation
* “It made it so easy to share my list with my family. The nicest part was that because I’ve been using Giftbug for a while, I have quite a long list on each board – so it was still really a surprise when I opened my gifts!! I liked seeing what my loved ones picked from my list – it
was really fun! Actually, I received a few things that I forgot that I wanted!! That’s one of the really nice things about having a registry for anytime use – I add things to it when I see them and then may just end up receiving them as a surprise gift!!”

A few friends also shared what they heard mentioned about giftbug as family
gathered ’round the Christmas tree:

* “I see somebody used giftbug!”
* “I love giftbug! I got exactly what I wanted.”
* “Giftbug is awesome.”
* “Thanks to giftbug I don’t have to return anything this year.”
* “Now I don’t have to regift anything!” (We’re not sure she was kidding!)

And straight from your giftbug registries, here are some of the giftbug success stories:

giftbug success stories
Blenders, ninjas and t-shirts. Oh my!
giftbug success stories
Cocktail glasses, a knife and a crockpot…these weren’t from the same registry but it sounds like the perfect bachelor registry to me.
giftbug success stories
Sangria pitcher, Captain America pjs and a manicure, these were from the same registry….just kidding

And check out our new Facebook cover photo for even more registry success images.