Celebrating Veterans Day


Here at giftbug we get to celebrate a lot of neat holidays; the traditional, the obscure or goofy, and occasionally a reverent holiday. Over the past months I’ve enjoyed putting together a few gift lists and I couldn’t let today pass without putting together some thoughts on today’s holiday.

Veterans Day is a holiday of great thankfulness where we honor the amazing men and women who currently serve and have served our country. Obviously they deserve our gratitude, thanks and appreciation 365 days a year, but if on this day you are looking for a way to honor our national heroes, here are just a few suggestions that I have put together after talking to several service members and their spouses.

The Wounded Warrior Project
This was the first organization mentioned every time. Their mission is to honor and empower our Wounded Warriors. They provide programs and services to injured service members.
Visit their website

The Gary Sinise Foundation
“The things he and his foundation have done for service members are extraordinary, from the shows that his Lt Dan Band performs around the globe for service members and families to building specialized homes for quadruple amputees.”
Visit their website

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
“This is another great and less known organization to civilians. They help with financial relief to active duty members and families, whether it’s through a loan to buy groceries or assistance to purchase a plane ticket for a family emergency.”
Visit their website

The Army Emergency Relief Organization
AER is the Army’s own emergency financial assistance organization and is dedicated to “Helping the Army Take Care of Its Own.”
Visit their website

Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles (Fisher House)
You can donate your unused frequent flyer miles to wounded or ill service members and their families. The program “Operation Hero Miles” provides airline tickets to service members, or to their family members allowing them to travel to where the wounded soldier is receiving treatment.
Visit their website

Provide Phone Calls Home (USO Operation Phone Home)
This USO program provides prepaid international phone cards to deployed troops allowing them to stay connected to their family and friends.
Visit their website

Pick Up the Check
This one actually got me a little verklempt, I’ve never had the opportunity to do it myself. It’s a very personal gesture, and as you can see a very meaningful one for our Veterans.  “The most moving thing personally that has happened twice, is to be out to dinner and be told that someone already paid our tab and thanked Jeremy.”
-Dani, U.S. Marine Corp. spouse, currently stationed in Japan



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