Monthly Archives: October 2013

Raising Awareness For A Favorite Charity

Looking ahead at October holidays there are a lot of crazy ones listed on the internet (and if they’re on the internet, they must be true.)

Did you know that October is Sarcastic Month? Although, I’ve been celebrating that one all year. October is also Eat Country Ham Month, Cookie Month, and National Pizza Month; none of which are going to help Shannon with her self-proclaimed holiday “Get Your Butt Out the Door and Run Month.”

As with all months there are also a lot of important awareness holidays that remind us that there are people and organizations doing great work to help others who may be struggling, in pain or in need of a hand up. Some of the notable holidays in October include:

* Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
* Breast Cancer Awareness Month
* Domestic Violence Awareness Month
* Fire Prevention Week, Oct 6-12, 2013

You can create a gift that suggests donations to a cause close to your heart.

One of the things that we love about giftbug is the flexibility that we built into our registries. We know you’ve heard us say before that you can link to an item on any website.  Of course this means that you can also link to your favorite charity.