Monthly Archives: September 2013

What’s new?

What’s new at giftbug? Funny you should ask, What’s new? is part of what’s new.

…yeah, I thought I’d have a lot of places to go with an opening line like that, but I’ve got nothing. So anyway, we’ve pushed out another round of updates to giftbug and we wanted to tell you about them., and yes, the first one I want to tell you about is called ‘What’s new?’

The ‘What’s new? menu item
With all the changes that are taking place we wanted to provide the users with a changelog or place to review the features that we’ve added to the website. We’ll write about most of them her in the blog, and now you can also find the list of Website updates right from the bottom of the main menu with our What’s new? link.

Use this link to keep up on all of the Website updates.

Tightening up the Share page 
Since we’ve been getting some questions about the Share and Nudge emails on the Share page, we took a stab at making it all clearer. In addition to tweaking (you just thought about ‘twerking’ didn’t you?) the descriptions we added links to new FAQs that include screenshots of the Share  and Nudge emails.

Signing up your friends
We’ve been wanting to make it easier for people to sign up for giftbug if they are viewing someone else’s registry and they’re like ‘Holy gift-giving genius Batman, where do I sign up?!?!’ So we inserted a sign up link right there next to the friend’s profile photo on their registry.

When your friends see your giftbug registry we’re pretty sure they’re going to want one of their own, so we are making it easer than ever to sign up right from any registry.

Well that’s the highlights of the latest changes. And now it’s time to start
thinking Christmas here at giftbug HQ and to start working on our Secret Santa feature for the website. We’ll share more on that later! First order of business is convincing Andy that we are not calling it ‘Secret Winter Holiday Nondenominational Gift Giving Fantasy Creature’.