College Bound Gift Ideas

College is the next step for many high school graduates, and that often means the high school graduation gift is all about gearing up the new college freshman. We’ve put together a list to help with a few ideas, although in putting this list together one thing became crystal clear to me…it’s been more then a few years since I packed up for college and things have changed a wee bit!

1. The No Wash Shirt

Wool & Prince Shirt

Ok, technically this shirt is actually sold out, but it is the first thing that I thought of for this list. I don’t know what guy (yes, we’re stereotyping guys here) wouldn’t have loved this shirt in college. The guy that created this button down shirt, wore it for 100 days straight without washing it **and** it never needed ironed. Genius! So yes, he’s actually sold out right now and I think he only produced the first edition in one style, but this could be the future of the college guy’s wardrobe. You heard it here…maybe not first…but, we’re passing on the good info!

Wool&Prince: Shirt

2. Personalize The Dorm Room

WallPops Wall Decals

Anyone who’s lived in a dorm room knows it’s all about personalizing your space in a temporary way that’s not going to cost you $$$ when it’s time to move out. These temporary wall stickers are a great way to add color and personality to an institutional looking dorm room. They peel off easily so the dorm-dweller can move out damage-free or
redecorate weekly.

WallPops: Wall Decals

3. Personalize The Technology

Batman Keyboard Decal

For the most part, a laptop is a laptop is a laptop and every student has one, and quite possibly an iPad or a tablet as well. Never fear, you can personalize those now too. Man, too bad they didn’t have these to personalize the Brother Word Processor when I was in college 🙂 Here are just a few selections from Etsy that I had to share:

Etsy: PikaNOM Apple Laptop Decal
Etsy: Batman Logo for MacBook Keyboard
Etsy: Cool Keyboard Decal
Etsy: Lotus Flower Laptop Decal

4. It’s All About The Laundry

Izola Laundry Bag

One of the constants in college is laundry and the way it pile’s up. It’s safe to say, college students can’t have too many bags to stuff it in and lug it to the laundry room…or more likely a visit home. This is a pretty cool take on the standard laundry bag with a personalized name, year, college name and school colors.

Izola: Laundry Bag

5. Music Is Mandatory For Optimal Studying


The music might change, but the significance that it plays in the college experience remains the same. When everyone else is using the round, colorful headphones, they can standout in the crowd with this cool square version.

GIZMINE: Headphones

Speakers from ThinkGeek

If you follow giftbug on Pinterest and Twitter (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!) you know that I’m a big fan of ThinkGeek for go-to gadget gifts. These speakers will bring a great vibe (yes, I just said vibe) to the dorm room for the study session or the mandatory study breaks.

ThinkGeek: Speakers

6. The Everything Else Category

Hydration Stations are big at a lot of the college campuses, so you can’t go wrong with a cool water bottle like Nalgene (which has the added bonus of being nearly indestructible).

Nalgene: Water Bottle

A mobile surge protector is a must-have and I love this one with the USB ports built into it and the AC outlets rotate to accommodate large plugs.

Amazon: Surge Protector

It’s pretty much a dorm room constant that there is never enough storage. These storage bins are great because they are also collapsible so when everything is on the floor and the bins are empty, you can fold them up and put them out of the way.

The Container Store: Storage Cube

No matter how high-tech we get, there are two low-tech staples that will always remain necessary (like Macgyver and his duct tape), you can never have too many binder clips and post-it notes.

Amazon: Colorful Binder Clips
ThinkGeek: Origami Sticky Notes

And lastly, if you’re the cool, hip Aunt or Uncle, you can always make sure they’re stocked up on red Solo cups…

Amazon: Red Solo Cups


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