NYAQ: Not Yet Asked Questions

While we wait for the Frequently Asked Questions to pour in, we thought we’d help you out with some NYAQ: Not Yet Asked Questions.

Is giftbug a wedding registry or baby registry or what is it?
Our website is an everyday registry for everyone. We are creating a fun and easy to use central location to store all of your gift ideas and wishes. Birthdays, holidays, celebrations, because you’re awesome, whatever the reason that a loved one wants to celebrate you with a gift, giftbug will be there to point them in the right direction. It is the same concept as a wedding or baby registry, but without the limits of a single occasion or an end date.

Is there a fee to signup?
Nope. Nada. No charge to enjoy the benefits of giftbug. We will however accept hugs, singing telegrams, piñatas and beer. Ok, Andy says just the beer.

Will I be able to edit the items that I add to my registry?
Absolutely! We aim to make it easy for you to add, change or delete any items included in your registry.

Will my family and friends have to sign up in order to see my gift registry?
No, people will not have to sign up on giftbug to view your registry. We hope that they check out your page and can’t wait to create one of their own, but no strong-arming here!

Will anyone be able to see my information?
You, as the owner of your your registry, will have control as to who can access your information. You will have the ability to make your registry public so that anyone can find your page by searching with your name or email address. If you choose not to make your registry public, you can share your information through a customized URL that you can email to family and friends. You can also set up a friend connection with other users of the website which grants them access to view your profile.

Will I be able to link to items on other websites?
Yes, you will be linking to other websites. Your page on giftbug is a central location where you can link to items from any other retailer and on any other website; you won’t be linking to items on giftbug, because we don’t sell anything. We also give you one of our favorite features, where you can simply type in text or add pictures. With this feature you are not limited to linking to a single item, you can give your friends and family information on your hobbies, interests and favorite things. How you use this free text feature is limited to your imagination.

Will I be able to link to my wedding registry that I created with another store?
Absolutely. A great feature with giftbug is that you can create your registries with other retailers (and get all of the great perks that they offer) and then link all of your registries in one place with giftbug. This makes it easy for your friends and family to access all of your registries and you can add additional items on giftbug that maybe you can’t find at the stores where you created your wedding registry.


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