That First Step’s a Doozy

Writer’s block set-in full force on Friday. Andy and I had finished designing and setting up giftbug’s new blog and then it was time to sit down and write the 1st post. …Insert birds chirping here… You know that feeling when it’s time to start a project or do something creative, aaaannnnd…you got nothing. To procrastinate from staring at the blank computer screen, I was talking to a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a great writer, and telling her about my writer’s block. Her response was perfect:

“Writers block and finding a gift idea for that hard to buy for person are very similar experiences. It’s about finding that one perfect idea to get you started . Once you get that foothold things come together nicely. Hmmmm that might be a blog idea… “

Well dang, thanks Lori, I think you just wrote my first blog post!

To build on Lori’s inspiration, let me tell you about when Andy and I started creating giftbug. In thinking about who we were designing for, we used ourselves as business cases. Andy wanted a site where his family and friends could link to exactly the item that they’ve been wishing for. I on the other hand, I love the chance to surprise people and get them the perfect gift, but I’d love a little bug in my ear to help point me in the right direction.

So the giftbug journey began! We are creating a space where users can link their profile to items at any store, to help the Andy’s of the world point, click and purchase. For the Shannon’s of the world we’re doing something unique and allowing users to also add free text ideas to their page like hobbies, interests and favorite things.

Giftbug may not be able to help with writer’s block, as evidenced by how long it’s taken me to write this post, BUT we believe we can do a lot to help you with your gift-shopper’s block. For every day and every occasion giftbug allows friends and family a little (or a lot) of insight into the perfect gift.

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