Gift of the Day: Badminton Set

With the Wimbledon Championships underway and a holiday weekend on the horizon here in the U.S., it seems like the perfect time to indulge in my love of lawn games. I don’t know if my deep-seated love of lawn games stems from the thoughts of sunshine and lush grass on a beautiful summer day…or more likely, in my fantasy of living in the pages of a Jane Austen novel. Either way, whether it’s bocce ball, lawn darts, croquet or cornhole, give me a call and I’ll bring the Shandy.


But there is one lawn game that I love above all others, and my friends that game is named Badminton. And THIS badminton set from  Crate and Barrel, well this is just one fancy-pants, beautiful badminton set. Even the shuttlecocks are made with real feathers! I’ve only ever played with the plastic ones, and I’m quite certain that with these beautiful feather versions, well my game would be unstoppable.

I feel like if I owned this set, I would simply HAVE to require all of my friends to wear white attire when playing on my court where I would serve them delicious Pimm’s Cup cocktails between sets.

**Yep, it’s definitely the Jane Austen thing.

Gift of the Day Round Up: 25 More Fun Gift Ideas

Fun Gift Ideas

For those who follow my Gift of the Day feature on social media, you already know how much I love finding little treasures to share with all of you as gift ideas for everything from birthdays and holidays to thank you gifts and small celebrations. Or hey, sometimes we’re just looking to cheer up a friend and say “sorry your day has turned into a giant pile of steaming poo” 🙁

Here are 25 more fun gift ideas big and small to celebrate, say thanks or cheer up someone that you care about (including yourself!) From gifts that give back, gifts that pamper and things just to make us smile, you’ll want to bookmark this list for the next time you’re feeling gift stumped.

25 Gift Ideas To Love

1. Gift of Empowerment

Fun Gift Ideas: Heifer InternationalI love ‘gifts that give back’ and this one is huge. For as little as $10 you can make a donation on behalf of a friend or loved one and that donation in turn gifts a share of an animal to a family in need.

These are much more than one-time gifts, you are gifting these families small business opportunities with the share in an animal, and that means wool, milk, eggs and more.

Every donation comes with a card for the person in whose name you are making the donation.

Available from Heifer International: Animal Donations

2. Playing Cards

Fun Gift Ideas: playing-cardsWhether their game is canasta, poker or solitaire, they’ll treasure a handsome deck of cards like these.

Beautiful illustrations and timeless typography printed on Bee paper, the highest quality coated playing card stock.

Available from E. Smith Mercantile: Quality Playing Cards

3. Puppy Love Tee

Fun Gift Ideas: dog-rescue-tshirtThe perfect shirt for anyone who’s heart belongs to a rescue dog. And what they’ll really love is that it also comes with a food donation to shelters across the United States.

Every purchase of this shirt feeds 7 shelter dogs.

Available from iHeartDogs: Favorite Breed T-shirt

4. Tea Travel Kit

Fun Gift Ideas: -tea-kitAnother of my personal faves! This beautiful hand-sewn tea travel satchel from Kenya comes stocked with everything you need for a delicious cup of tea on the go – just add hot water!

Each kit contains:
12 servings of tea
10 honey sticks
Paper strainers
*The recipient will surely want to restock this beautiful satchel again and again.

Thistle Farms is a community of women survivors of addiction, prostitution, and trafficking in Nashville, Tennessee. This product bears witness that love is the most powerful force for change in the world.

Available from Thistle Farms: Tea Kit

5. Relaxing: Sushi-Style

Fun Gift Ideas: -sushi-theme-giftFor this Gift of the Day I gave in to my obsession with themes 🙂 And what an awesome gift theme for a graduation, housewarming or a super fun wedding present!

It all started with this perfect pair of sushi slippers and I just kept adding until I ended up with a ‘Sushi Lounging’ gift package. You can read more about this gift theme in this blog post.

Available from Society6: In My Fridge – Soy Sauce Throw Pillow
Available from Society6: Wasabi and Ginger Together Forever Throw Pillow
Available from Uncommon Goods: Sushi Slippers
From Esquire: The Best Japanese Beers to Drink in the U.S.
Available from Amazon: Tokaido Board Game

6. Yoga Mat

Fun Gift Ideas: magic-carpet-yoga-matInspire the yogi in your life with one of these striking yoga mats. The unique designs are based on rugs collected during designer Sophie Leininger’s travels. Each design is printed onto high-quality mats with durable, sustainable, eco-friendly inks.

Available from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats: Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

7. Adult Coloring Book

Fun Gift Ideas:coloringbookNo, not that kind of adult coloring book!

By now you’ve likely heard of the zenness that is coloring for adults. There are definite anti-stress properties inside the pages of a coloring book. Some days though, we need more than enchanted animals and paisley patterns, we need THIS coloring book. Enjoy sassy pages like: “Home is where the vodka is” and my personal favorite, “Dance like no one attractive is watching”

The perfect gift for co-workers or friends having a bad day!

*Contains adult language. Not intended for children*

Available from Amazon: Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

8. Pencil Case

Fun Gift Ideas:grillz-pencil-caseThat grin says it all!

This full grill grin is perfect for school supplies or art supplies and it’s sure to be a fun addition to any briefcase.

Available from the ZIPIT Store: Grillz Monster Pencil Case

9. Bird Feeder

Fun Gift Ideas:birdfeederI had no idea until researching bird feeders that not all birds visit seed feeders and that fruit feeders are very popular. These fruit feeders are a favorite of colorful birds like Orioles and Tanagers.

This handmade copper feeder is stunning and it doesn’t hide the fruit. The fruit is part of the design, making the bird feeder a piece of art before it even attracts it’s first bird.

Available from Duncraft: Copper Oriole Triple Fruit Feeder

10. Picnic Basket

Fun Gift Ideas:picnic-basketMade of rugged canvas, collapsible and fully insulated, this market basket is ready to take on any picnic.

And just like my Grandma believed it was bad luck to gift a wallet without putting a coin inside, don’t gift an empty picnic basket! Fill it with a few goodies for that first picnic!

Available from Amazon: Collapsible Insulated Basket

11. Hilarious Pint Glass

Fun Gift Ideas:mistaken-lyrics-pint-glassThis gift was inspired by a night spent at the concert of one of my favorite bands and the experience of singing and dancing to many of my favorite songs with all of my new friends.

Were we always singing the same words as the band or even each other? Nope, probably not! 🙂 But we sure were singing our hearts out!

For your friends (like me) who may not always get the words right, but they belt their lyrics with so much confidence, you start to wonder if The Clash really is singing about a cat box.

Available from Meriwether of Montana: Mistaken Lyrics Stainless Steel Glasses

12. Wicked Hard Puzzle

Fun Gift Ideas:square-scramblesEasy to play. Hard to solve. A great gift for any puzzle lover.

9 squares that fit into only ONE 3×3 combination. Don’t let this little puzzle fool you, it’s wicked! It comes in a variety of images including lighthouses, covered bridges, nature, sports scenes and more.

Available from Amazon: Hot Air Balloons Scramble Squares 9 Piece Puzzle

13. Infinity Scarf

Fun Gift Ideas:soulscarf Another gift that gives back! These knit infinity scarves from Soulscarf are not only a gorgeous way to stay warm, they also give back 20% of purchase proceeds to a designated charity. The color of the heart on the label corresponds to the benefiting charity.

Available from Soulscarf: Cranberry Infinity Scarf

14. Stylish Lounge Pant

Fun Gift Ideas:loungepantsThis gift begs for a day binge-watching some Netflix. The Somma Lounge Pant is made of a soft red cotton, designed with a wide-leg for ultra comfort and trimmed on the cuff in gold silk. Relax all day and look good doing it!

And you can feel good gifting these gorgeous lounge pants from American Nomad , they are handmade in India by a co-op of women. The co-op gives the women a safe place to work and heal and your purchase of these handmade items assists them in their efforts to remain free from economic poverty and human trafficking.

Available from American Nomad: Somma Lounge Pant

15. Star Wars Shoes

Fun Gift Ideas:r2d2-shoesGeeky fabulous and a gift that gives back. Check out these hand painted R2D2 inspired shoes perfect for any Star Wars fan. What a fun and unique way to show your love of The Force!

The artist uses TOMS shoes for her handmade creations. Tom’s One for One program is committed to match every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Available from Etsy: Hand Painted Star Wars R2-D2 TOMS Shoes by The Fiercest Fandom

16. Award Winning Caramels

Fun Gift Ideas:goat-milk-caramelsFinding gifts of the day is one of my favorite things to do and sometimes I deliberately go out searching for things and other times I fall down the internet rabbit hole and I stumble upon little gems like this one.

I stopped when I found their website, because well, goat’s milk + caramel = how can that not be awesome! And after hanging out on their website for awhile, I have a serious crush on the goats and the humans who live with them up in Vermont. It was all I could do not to get in my car to drive to Vermont to hug a goat and eat my weight in Goat Milk Caramels!

Definitely check this one out, the perfect gift for any friend with a sweet tooth! The caramels are award winning and the farm is Animal-Welfare-Approved, which means happy goats is their business 🙂

Available from Big Picture Farm: Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels

17. Ice Cream Cold Stone Slab

Fun Gift Ideas:cold-stone-ice-cream-kitYes! Yes! A thousand times yes!! Okay, in truth I may have a bit of a sweet tooth problem lately but THIS is everything! Any ice cream lover, foodie or host(ess) will LOVE this gift.

Take the sundae bar to the next level. The ice cream parlor kit includes a marble slab for freezing, a beautiful bamboo base, 3 ceramic dishes and 2 stainless steel ice cream spades for smushing in the mix-ins.

Available from UncommonGoods: Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

18. Children’s Book

Fun Gift Ideas:fairy-tales-cummingsOne of my favorite poems is by E.E. Cummings (I Carry Your Heart With Me) and I was excited to find this collection of 4 fairy tales that Cummings wrote for his own daughter.

A children’s book is always a great gift for little ones and this one will melt the heart of any parent who is a lover of poetry themselves.

Available from Amazon: Fairy Tales by E.E.Cummings

19. Travel Mug

Fun Gift Ideas:retro-heated-travel-mugThis Retro Heated Travel Mug was a huge hit with my Dad. A retired truck driver, he always has a cup of coffee with him when he’s in the car, and now it’s always at his desired temperature!

Available from Amazon: Retro Heated Travel Mug

20. Fun Canvas Tote

Fun Gift Ideas:guacamole-toteOkay you guys, here’s another one that I’m obsessed with and I may have to buy it in bulk for all of the people that I’ve already thought of gifting it to.

*p.s. my Gran always said it was bad luck to gift a handbag without putting something inside, I’m thinking the same applies here! Don’t gift this tote without filling it with the ingredients for guacamole (*hint: check the outside of the bag)

Available from Nachos NY: Guacamole, the Tote

21. Textile Stamp

Fun Gift Ideas:personalized-textile-stampI’ve got baby shower gift’s on the brain and I love this personalized clothing stamper. For Moms and Dads who send their wee ones off to daycare, this is a perfect way to make sure those onesies, blankets and cute little outfits find their way back home after countless diaper changes.

The kit comes with wash resistant textile ink and a complete set of letters and numbers so the stamp can be customized with up to 3 lines of text (and re-customized later, if needed)

Available from The Grommet: Personalized Label Stamp by Minestamp

22. Geeky Tee

Fun Gift Ideas:apple-pi-teeThe perfect T for celebrating your favorite geek.

Available from Quark Tees: Apple Pi T-shirt

23. Heartbeat Bracelet

Fun Gift Ideas:heartbeat-braceletThis heartbeat bracelet is unique and stunning. What a perfect gift for someone working in a medical field, or the person who makes your heart skip a beat, or to celebrate a loved one fighting bravely against a medical diagnosis.

Available from Etsy: 14K Gold Filled Heart Beat Bangle Cuff Bracelet by Auralee

24. Puzzle Row and Stow

Fun Gift Ideas:puzzle-and-rollFor the puzzle fanatic in your family, now they can actually eat at their kitchen table 🙂

The original puzzle roll and stow. Stow away up to 3,000 piece puzzles without losing all of the hard work and progress.

Available from Amazon: Puzzle Mates Puzzle and Roll Jigroll

25. Toddler Play Mat Tee

Fun Gift Ideas:play-mat-teeGenius! Ever since I found this tee, I knew it was a future gift of the day. A dream gift for a new Dad, a Father’s Day gift….or hello, Mom’s need massages too!

A playmat for the kiddos printed on the back of a T-shirt = instant back massage. Play dates have never been so relaxing 😉 File this under ‘how did I not think of this?!’

This one is a guaranteed hit for any Dad or Mom of a toddler.

Available from Etsy: Playmat Shirt by bky kid

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Gear Up With These Bicycle Gift Ideas

Gear Up With These Bicycle Gift Ideas

May is National Bike Month and tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day, so it seems like the perfect time to look at some bicycle themed gift ideas.

Oh, and also, it’s the perfect time for this.

So here you go, for anyone who wants to ride their bicycle, we have some great gift ideas for Father’s Day, Graduation, Birthdays and more.

10 Pedal Ready Bicycle Gift Ideas

1. Bike Helmet

bicycle gift ideas: helmetSafety can be oh so fashionable. Keep safe on the streets while turning heads. At first glance they may not even realize you’re wearing a bike helmet with this lightweight helmet and breathable cover.

Available from Bike Pretty: Yakkay Paris Oilskin Bike Helmet

2. Nantucket Bike Basket

bicycle gift ideas: basketA handcrafted basket that is made to last. Whether pedaling to and from work, play or the farmer’s market, items are secure and looking stylish.

Available from Amazon: Nantucket Bike Basket Company Lightship Oval Bike Basket

3. Bicycle Bell

bicycle gift ideas: bellI love these!! Psykel Chic’s handpainted classic bicycle bells are so fabulous that I couldn’t pick just one to picture here.

Each bell is handpainted by Molly and sealed to ensure lasting color and rust-protection. Molly even does custom designs 🙂

Available from Etsy: Handpainted Bicycle Bell by Psykel Chic

4. Growler Carrier

bicycle gift ideas: growler-carrierWell this is just a must-have for anyone who bikes past their local Cider House or Brewery on the way home from work.

Have growler carrier, will travel 🙂

Available from Scoutmob: Leather Bike-Mounted Beer Growler Carrier by Pedal Happy

5. Bike Chain Bracelet

bicycle gift ideas: chain-braceletWear your bicycle love on your sleeve wrist with this funky and fun bicycle chain bracelet.

Available from Erra Creations: Red Bicycle Chain Bracelet

6. Recycled Inner Tube Bracelet

bicycle gift ideas: bracelet-urbanlaceAnother stunningly unique bracelet for cyclists. This wrist cuff’s organic design is handcrafted from recycled bicycle inner tubes.

Available from Urban Lace Jewelry: Cobblestone Innertube Bracelet

7. Multi-tool

bicycle gift ideas: leatherman-toolLeatherman are known for their quality multi-tools and this titanium cycling specific tool is lightweight and won’t take up precious room in your gear.

Includes 4 bits that you can swap out for your own, spoke wrenches, closed hex wrenches and the all important bottle opener.
Available from Amazon: Leatherman Mako Ti

8. Tool Bag

bicycle gift ideas: bike-tool-rollThis handmade tool roll is made of waxed canvas with leather trim and includes 10 small pockets of various sizes for housing your gear. A leather toe strap is included for cinching under the bike seat or into a water bottle cage.

Available from Etsy: Bike Tool Roll by E.H. Works

9. Rearview Mirror

bicycle gift ideas: rearvizA must have for the urban cyclist. A 360 degree, arm mounted, fully adjustable rear view bicycle mirror.

Waterproof, adjustable and because it’s mounted on the biker’s arm instead of the handlebars, it’s vibration-free.

Available from RearViz: RearViz Slim Line

10. Commuter Bag

bicycle gift ideas: backpackThis workhorse bag functions as a backpack or a pannier style bag that securely locks to a bike rack using a J-hook and bungee cords.

Handmade and fully lined with vinyl, the bag is waterproof inside and out and great for commuting with laptops or school books. The roll-top design means it’s perfect for hauling a little or a lot.

Available from Pannier-Backpack Combo by Mer Bags

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Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Mom

In truth, we all know that Mom certainly deserves more than one holiday a year. She’s our rock, our home and our heart. If you’re stumped on just how to celebrate her this Mother’s Day, we’re offering a few ideas of gifts for Mom.

And give your Mom a hug for me!

9 Gifts for Mom

1. Mother’s Ring

Gifts for Mom: RingsGrowing up, my Mom, Aunts and Grandmothers all had a Mother’s Ring. Back then they were a simple gold or silver band that had all of the birthstones of their children.

These Mom rings are handcrafted by Heidi, a Mom herself, in Indiana. A fun, updated and personalized play on the original Mother’s Ring.

Available from HeidiJHale Designs: Say It On A Ring

2. Yarn Bowl

Gifts for Mom: yarn-bowlThis one was inspired by my Mom. She can often be found working on her latest crocheted creation. This beautiful handmade stoneware bowl keeps the yarn tidy with a deep ‘J’ hook to guide the yarn.

Available from Etsy: Birdie Yarn Bowl by aaharrison ceramics

3. Gym/ Diaper Bag

Gifts for Mom: handbagBeing a Mom doesn’t mean abandoning their style! This stylish bag features hidden pockets for shoes, clothes, diapers, bottles or whatever your personal Mary Poppins keeps in her bag.

Available from GymTote: Eva Tote Oak Croc

4. Lip and Cheek Stain

Gifts for Mom: lip-cheek-oilThis is a perfect go-to makeup to keep stashed in a briefcase, diaper bag or even the glove box. Swipe a pop of fresh color on lips and cheeks for a quick pick me up + just add caffeine 😉

Availabe from Amazon: Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Forever Rose

5. Flowers for Mom

Gifts for Mom: shoe-flower-arrangement

Flowers are always a cheerful choice. And what Mom wouldn’t love getting flowers delivered at work on Friday so she can brag about her angels and the beautiful Mother’s Day flowers she received 🙂

I love this trendy arrangement that celebrates Mom’s fashionista style.

Available in Pittsburgh from the Finleyville Flower Shop: Sophistication in a Shoe

6. Vintage Cocktails

Gifts for Mom: vintage-style-stemwareBring Momma a cocktail!

These gimlet glasses are a favorite of mine, they are an unexpected twist on a standard martini glass.

Try whipping up a batch of these Pink Gimlet Cocktail or Mocktails from Courtney at Sweet C’s Designs and serving them to Mom in her new stemware.

Available from West Elm: Vintage Style Stemware-Coupe Glass-Set of 6

7. Spa Slippers

Gifts for Mom: slippersUncommonGoods is a go-to favorite of mine for gifts. These herbal slippers look like nirvana to me.

These shoes were not made for walking. Time for Mom to put her feet up. Heated or cooled these flax seed filled booties are just what Momma’s tootsies have been screaming for.

Available from UncommonGoods: Luxury Herbal Slippers

8. Mom is Home Mug

Gifts for Mom: mugFor so many, home truly is where Mom lives 🙂 These fun customized mugs are handpainted by Lindsay to illustrate that even when separated by miles, states or even countries, a Momma and her children’s hearts are always connected.

Available from Etsy: Hand Painted Home Is Where My Mom Is Mug from Lettered by Lindsay

9. Photo Frame

Gifts for Mom: digital-frameIf Mom loves all the photos of her grandkids (or gand-fur-kids) but she still gets overwhelmed by navigating email, digital downloads and online photo sharing programs, this is the perfect gift.

This is one of the highest rated digital photo frames. You can remotely add photos to the frame via a dedicated email address, at  no additional charge. All Mom has to do is sit back and enjoy all of her photos delivered directly to her frame.

Available from Amazon: Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

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Enchanted Unicorn Gift Ideas, Part 1

Unicorn Gift Ideas

Unicorns are more than just horses with horns, they remind us to believe in magic and to dream big. So if you know someone who needs more unicorn magic in their life (and who doesn’t?!), this gift list is for you.

And why did I label this gift list ‘part 1’ you ask? As I was doing my research for these unicorn gift ideas, I realized pretty quickly that this was going to be a two-parter. There are simply too many beautiful unicorn gift ideas to limit myself to just one list. And there are no shortage of unicorn gift lists flying around the interweb, but thanks to a lot of digging and a little bit of my own unicorn magic, I found some gems I bet you’ve never seen before.

Watch for part 2 of the unicorn gift list coming later this summer!

16 Enchanted Gift Ideas

1. Uni Tank

Unicorn Gift Ideas: spirit-animal-tankWhen picking a spirit animal, always pick a unicorn!

Available from Design by Humans: Unicorns Are My Spirit Animal Tank Top

2. Kid’s Tee

Unicorn Gift Ideas: believe-kids-teeI love this one! This tee has such a great message, I wish it came in my size (oh wait, it does!). Nieces birthday present: check!

(*as of the date I’m publishing this list, the tee is sold out in small, but it’s still available in other sizes)

Available from Fox & Tots: Believe in Yourself Unicorn Tee

3. Sterling Silver Ring

Unicorn Gift Ideas: ringA beautiful and unique statement ring that doubles as a weapon. Don’t mess with a unicorn.

Available from Etsy: Unicorn Statement Ring by Anomaly Jewelry

4. Coffee Mug

Unicorn Gift Ideas: mugIndeed we are all magical creatures, and being magical is so much easier after our morning caffeine.

Available from Etsy: We Are All Unicorns Mug by Handwritten Mugs

5. Rocking Unicorn

Unicorn Gift Ideas: unicorn-rocking-horseRocking horses are awesome, but a princess deserves a rocking unicorn. This plush unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids is absolutely cuddly and adorable.

Available from Pottery Barn Kids: Unicorn Faux Fur Plush Rocker

6. Paperclip Holder

Unicorn Gift Ideas: uni-paperclip-holderMythical and magnetic, this beautiful unicorn looks great on a desk and tames the wild paperclips from the bottom of a desk drawer.

Available from Perpetual Kid: Unicorn Paperclip Holder

7. Tape Dispenser

Unicorn Gift Ideas: tape-dispenserScotch tape is so 19th century. In the age of all things washi tape, make any desk magical with this adorable unicorn tape dispenser with her rainbow tape.

Available from Paper Source: Unicorn Tape Dispenser

8. Sock Monkey Unicorn

Unicorn Gift Ideas: uni-sock-monkeyWhen a rare mythical creature meets a timeless classic – you get a sock monkey unicorn pony.

Made with original Rockford Red Heel Socks, even his magical horn is made of sock material and is neither sharp nor stiff. He’s 100% handmade and 100% huggable.

Available from Etsy: Sock Monkey Unicorn Pony by Philomenas Friends

9. Light Up Slippers

Unicorn Gift Ideas: slippersWhat’s better than one unicorn? Two unicorns! With their golden horns, rainbow manes and cheeks that light up, these magical buddies will brighten any slumber party or just a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Available from Smoko: Unicorn Light Up Slippers

10. Coloring Book

Unicorn Gift Ideas: adult-coloring-bookLaughing and coloring, two proven methods of easing a stressful day. These coloring pages of rowdy unicorns in various states of mischief are sure to lighten any mood.

This one is definitely intended for the adults (I’d rate it PG), not a children’s coloring book.

Available from Amazon: Unicorn Adult Coloring Book

11. Mythical Earrings

Unicorn Gift Ideas: earrings“If you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.” Said the unicorn.

Perfect for any age or anyone who still believes in magic. Handmade from solid sterling silver.

Available from Etsy: Sterling Silver Unicorn Stud Earrings by Sarah Lucie Jewellry

12. Floor Lamp

Unicorn Gift Ideas: giant-uni-lamp-resize<< This picture! I mean seriously, what else can I say about this gift idea? What little boy or girl doesn’t want to sit reading next to a magical buddy.

This Giant Uni lamp sits 20 inches tall and glows a soft light in the dark, also includes 16 colors and multiple flash and fade modes.

Available from Smoko: The Giant Unicorn Lamp

13. Pencil Skirt

Unicorn Gift Ideas: skirtA statement wardrobe piece for anyone who believes. This beautiful handmade pencil skirt comes in 4 colors and sizes small – 3XL.

Available from Etsy: Unicorn Skirt from Bruno and Betty

14. Whimsical Frock

Unicorn Gift Ideas: periwinkle-frockJust like a unicorn, a unicorn lover is not to be tamed. This lovely periwinkle frock with tulip sleeves is perfectly packable for their next adventure.

Available from ModCloth: Oh My Gosh Dress in Unicorns

15. Folklore Book

Unicorn Gift Ideas: myth-bookThe perfect book for any unicorn lover’s bookshelf or coffee table. With more than 200 pages of illustrations and stories, this collection of folklore shares the whimsy and mischief of the mythical unicorn.

Available from ModCloth: Unicorns-The Myths, The Legends, and Lore

16. Uni Pinata

Unicorn Gift Ideas: pinataI think it’s pretty clear that there’s only one candy when it comes to filling a unicorn pinata – and that candy is skittles, of course!

Available from CandyWarehouse: Unicorn Pinata